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Our latest riddle. Test your knowledge and puzzling skills as we go to the movies.

The fourth Sherlock Holmes riddle. Can you satisy Holmes that you have the skills required to become a Consulting Detective? The third Alice riddle. 20 levels of puzzles all themed on Lewis Carroll's Alice books. Animated 10 level puzzle game. Can you beat the sideshows at this strange old fairground? The latest Riddlex puzzle game, it is tougher than our usual riddles.
Can you complete all 20 levels?
Arrggg me hearties! Adventure on the high seas in the hunt for the notorious pirate Captain Blood.

Riddle themed on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. A non-linear riddle, the second volume of The Alice Riddles. Help Sherlock Holmes solve the 'Mystery of the Wickham Mermaid' Holmes confronts his arch foe in 'Holmes and the Moriarty Mystery' Holmes & Watson investigate 'The Mystery of the Cornish Captain'

Enter the Haunted Hall and solve a ghostly murder mystery. A hearty tale of pirates, buried treasure, and skulls! Yo-ho-ho! Tonight you are determined to escape that same dream. Our first contest. 26 levels of imaginative riddles. A non-linear riddle. Play the levels in any order.

Puzzle your way through our visit to the movie theatre. History's great thinkers whose genius has shaped the world. A 20 level classic riddle. A 20 level classic riddle. The first game made by Creo. A 30 level graphical riddle.